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    July 8, 2013
    6:00 - 7:01am PDT  

>> two days sin the crash and passengers at sfo still face delays. >> survival strategy for a plane crash. experts reveal to abc7 news what you should do in case you find yourself in a worst-case-scenario. it is god to know. at 6:00, thanks for joining us. >> first up on this monday morning a check on the forecast. mike? >> nice to see you all. live doppler 7 hd showing it is dry this morning. we will talk about temperatures the next 12 hours around the bay we are going to wake up with clouds and 56 and sunshine by noon and lingering clouds around civilian and 70 and near normal, 76 and mid-to-upper 70's by 4:00 and in the upper 80's with a few clouds spilling in from the coast during the evening hours. the next 12 hours, most our clouds are in the north by and 58, and sunny and 80 by noon, and in the upper 80's of the
east bay valley but probably low 80's in the north bay valley and back to 82 by 7:00 and at the coast we will see a few bits of sunshine pushing our temperature up to 60 after being in the mid-50's this morning. leyla gulen? >> we have an update on the santa rosa big rig crash northbound 101. we have three lanes taken out for an extended period of time moving the big rig out of the lanes carrying 66,000 pounds of cargo that did not spill but jackknifed. it partly turned over. we are going to be monitoring that which will slow the traffic significantly headed into santa rosa at 37, the drive is slowing a little bit from vallejo and 43 miles per hour. outside we go and the bay bridge toll plaza, no word whether the metering lights are on but the
cash-paying lanes are loading up at this hour. eric and kristen? >> at 6:02 we are learning more of the pilot of 777 with little experience with the aircraft type and it never landed the many before at sfo. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield has more at the airport. amy? >> the airlines says the pilot was if training to fly this type of aircraft and it was his nine the time to fly a boeing 777 and the first time to land this type of plane at sfo but the ntsb says the focus is on every bit of evidence right now, not just the pilot. investigators have just released this video to show up close what investigators are dealing with out there on the runway and showing up close the crash site. despite all the information that has come out about the doomed flight the chairwoman said this morning this is just the beginning. >> certainly in our
investigation what we know is sometimes what we find out in the first few minutes, few hours, few days of an accident, really that is proposal information and it is trying to put together all facts to help us get a complete picture. >> investigators say the plane was coming in too low and too slow, so slow it almost stalled. at one point the pilot and the co-pilot tried to abortion the landing but it was too late. vote girls say they got a lot of information from the cockpit and black box but it is still too elly to say what caused the crash. local first responders will hold a press conference later this morning to get a first-hand account what they saw when they first got to the crash site. >> new this morning, this is a new picture, two new pictures we got overnight at the two chinese girls who died we in the crash.
i saw on chinese social media that wong was the class president, a very popular girl, well liked and she was very much missed by a lot of people. there are reports one of the girls may have been run over by a rescue vehicle on the sfo tar imagine. the fire chief is quoted as saying the truck was racing to the scene when the guy was struck and it is not known if the girl died from injuries suffered in a plane crash or from being hit by the firetruck of the two girls who died in the crash were part of a bigger student group headed to a summer camp in southern california. worshippers at wet valley christian church in west hills los angeles remember the crash victims at the sunday services. this is another picture of wong, families who were to host the students were the first to offer their sympathy. >> i have three children and i just was struck as a mom to think about sending my children
off to a wonderful, what was to be a pleasurable trip and to have something like that happen. west valley christian said it has received word the students have now canceled the trip to sash california and they will be going back home to china. >> bay area survivor is tell his story of terror and survival from the crash and his daughter also has a story to tell after hearing of the plane crash but she had a feeling her father was on that flight. she went to the ball con of the millbrae apartment and saw the smoke from the crash and e toed her dad. >> i few he was flying in from asia so he was on asiana airlines and i knew he was coming in the afternoon and that caming to and i thought, god...i thought, no. i thought, are you okay, are you on the plane? meaning "the" plane and he said i escaped safe. >> he reunited with his daughter and took these pictures after
getting to safety, a terrifying closeup of the flight attendants tending to the passengers. he said the crew was incredible. >> sfo passengers are still expensing delays this morning two days after the crash. abc7 news reporter continues coverage from sfo with that side the story. matt? >> we have seen a steady stream of cars dropping off passengers at the international terminal with people hopeful they can get on the flight today. the biggest lines were at united that open up minutes ago. this group could be the most frustrated at the international terminal having been here all might and all morning. many were scheduled to leave saturday but after the crash were rebooked for a flight to leave last night. listen to the frustration of one dad and how he and his family ended up standing in a line at 4:30 this morning with no clear idea on what time or day he is going to get home.
>> we got rebacked to 11:30 which changed to 2:10 and they notified us after 1:00 o'clock, later, that they did not have the crew jetblue so now it is look like it will be wednesday or later. >> clear frustration there. a couple of other airline counters opened up including wet jet and air canada and the delight board showed good news, no departure cancellations at international and only a few flight times changed and three of the four runways are open. over the week some people said they arrived five hours early for their flight and it would be a good idea if you have a plight to arrive extra early. >> thanks, we have video of a passenger jet coming yards of flight 214 as it crashed. look at this, highlighted the united airline jet taxiing by the crash and i was ready for
take off when the other plane hit the ground. flight 214 was then deciding sending up the dust. the plane twirls and the smoke comes out. you can see the dust trail. it is getting ready to swing around. we talked to a man on united plane who said there was a lot of confusion when flight 214 crashed. >> high god. >> the people on the right side did not know anything happened. the people on the left heard a "boom" and saw things flying by. you could see the tail of the plane lying completely separate and wreckage, the landing gear, and smoke was coming out. >> the captain of the united plane stopped the airport and spent three hours on the plane before it got back to the gate. he was able to rebecome the trip to japan yesterday. federal investigators and san francisco police are asking for
any videos taken of the crash as it happened. investigators say they are getting valuable clues on what happened. investigators are asking media outlets for their video especially they want to see aerial footage of the accident seen. you can send us your pictures at "you report." after looking at the wreckage of flight 214 you may wonder, highway can you increase your odds for survival in a lane crash? according to the national transportation safety board the survival rate in plane crashes is pretty high, 95 percent. those who sit to the back tend to do better. experts say the impact itself is now the only danger. >> if you cannot instantly determine the source of the smoke you must consider it to be a threat to the airplane. >> the f.a.a. advise people to sit as close as possible to exits and not to sleep during
take off or landing. our reporting on the crash at sfo continue on twitter, as well. you can go to to see the photos of the crash scene the ntsb released. >> mike? >> you have to be above 2,000' to get above the cloud cover. some of the rays can be see atop the clouds at mount tamalpais. the temperatures compared to 24 hours ago with the air quality, it will be good in the north bay. the coast and central bay are doing well, and the santa clara valley, no ozone levels to be concerned with but u.v. index, that is going to be high. as we look at the golden gate bridge we are going to see the sunshine return. it is just a matter of time. it will be one to four degrees warmer today from san francisco, one degree warmer at 67 and fremont at 78, two degrees
warmer. santa rosa is 82. san jose this morning shows warmer tomorrow and the sea breeze develops and it will cool the bay and the coast tomorrow moving inland at 10 to 12 degrees cooler by thursday. more on that in a few minutes, but, first, over to leyla gulen and traffic. >> we have lake merritt transit update a delay because of a crime scene. east 21st is closed at 23rd avenue and the bus line detour for 14 line. we will have other mass transit in a moment but over the altamont pass it is bumper-to-bumper traffic moving at a very slow pace. in the westbound direction through livermore and toward pleasanton and the sunol grade 14 miles per hour along highway 84 and 680 and top speeds so it is a decent drive. evening else is running on time
with ace, muni and bart with no delays. a look at our look at the san mateo, a clear drive but a few extra cars in the westbound direction. >> breaking news, major police activity in oakland, we will go to sky 7 coming up. >> a train carrying crude oil derails in canada and thousands are forced to leave their home. where the hazardous situation remains this morning.
>> covering san rafael, south bay, pleasanton and all bay area, this is abc7 news. >> good morning, everyone, pictures from sky 7 over 21st street at 23rd avenue. there are a lot of police officer cars on the scene, more than a dozen. we are not sure what is going down here but there is a lost police activity. we do know, however, that east 21st street is closed so keep that in mind no the commute. >> right now updating you on the latest information on the crash of asiana airlines flight 214, new video of the wreckage released by the ntsb last night. you can see the significant damage from saturday's crash at
sfo and the wreckage will remain at the crash site the next week as they continue the investigation. here is what else we have learned, reuters reports the pilot only had 43 hours experience with a boeing 777. the ntsb says the pilot and captain attempted to abort the landing seconds before the crash. we have learned the plane was flying well below the target speed. >> police if canada believe they will fine more bodies as a derailed train carrying crude oil continues to burn. the 73-car train derailed in a lake side town. a series of explosions and fire followed killing at least five people and destroying much of the downtown area. the cars were uncoupled from the engine after the conductor left for the night. a thousand people remain evacuated. >> the crisis in egypt, this morning, army cranks are
deployed in tahrir square in the video where you can see the armored vehicles. this military involvement comes as the death tom rises in violence between soldiers and supporters of president morsi. 42 are confirmed dead and hundreds of others are injured. >> from italy this morning, new video shows pope francis making the first visit outside rome traveling by boat to an island off the coast of italy paying tribute to refugees who drowned trying to reach the we island shores. follows his visit the pope sent out a tweet reading and i quote, "we pray for a heart which will embrace immigrants. god will judge us how we have treated the most needy." >> closer to most, muir beach is closed if several months. the national park service says the beach will be closed for
major upgrade until november and they planning to re-do the parking lot and extend the pedestrian bridge and put in a new picnic area paid for through the i'm settlement. the coastal trail is open but no beach parking or restrooms until november. >> now the monday morning forecast. >> i imagine it is gray. usually through november. when it is finished, we will break out the sunshine. radar satellite is hing the cloud hang hanging around with night arrival delays in sfo at one hour and 38 minutes delay. >> in sausalito and headed to downtown san francisco we will talk about this forecast. here are the highlights, sunny this afternoon and close to
acknowledge and the warmest day is tomorrow as we continue the warming trend and it will be cooler-than-average for the better part of the heat. the high pressure is in the ocean but it will hold the next batch of deal dealing with the cooler weather, wednesday, thursday, friday and saturday. it will be thicker and cooler. until then, 83 in san jose. a lot of low-to-mid 80's in the south bay and 84 in morgan hill, and 70's up and down the peninsula and toward mountain view and the south bay at 80 and 78 in palo alto and 72 in millbrae and 62 in half moon bay with more sunshine than pacifica at 58 and daly city at 59 and the bay side downtown in south san francisco, 67 and 72. 70 with sunshine in sausalito and the upper 70's through low
80's, a southern wind coming off the san francisco bay keeping you cooler than other neighborhoods. mid-70's up and down the east bay shore from 72 in richmond to 78 in fremont and inland where the warmest weather is from 85 in san ramon and mosts and giants at at&t partner, partly cloudy and 62, increasing clouds and 58, a slight breeze but nothing out of the ordinary. temperatures tonight in the 50's and notice the cloud cover is not to extensive as it is this morning. the seven-day forecast shows warming one to throw or four degrees tomorrow and we drop down around the bay and at the coast on wednesday, the cooling moves inland thursday, friday, saturday, the cool of the days in the forecast. >> we are tracking the accident
in santa rosa northbound 101 with a few lanes blocked because of a jackknifed big rig and 66,000 pounds of cargo will have to be off loaded to move the truck out of the way. as we take to you pleasanton top we have a report of a fire with smoke on the roadway and southbound 680 at sunol boulevard could hamper the commute. in oakland, we are tracking police activity causing a detour for the number 14 line at 21st street and 23rd avenue. muni and bart and everything else is on time and i can show you look at that from sky 7, a picture of the bay bridge toll plaza which is packed with metering lights on and slow going from the maze. >> facebook is rolling out a new feature for its users ahead the change you will notice as soons. >> log on to the popular social networking website the. >> another disgraced politician makes a comeback, the new job
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>> on this monday morning as we watch traffic, headed to the bay bridge toll plaza and into san francisco. we will check with leyla gulen. that is going on there? >> in new york, the state's disgraced former governor is ready for a comeback. in 2008 spitzer resigned over a prostitution scandal and now he
is planning on running for the comptroller and asking for forgiveness and adds his wife fully supports his campaign. he is not the only politician looking for a second chance. former congressman weiner is running for new york city mayor. weiner left office two years ago after tweeting explicit photos of himself. >> happening today, you will notice a change to your facebook change, the social networking website will roll out special searches to users unveiling the search in january and since then a limited number of users have been use the search feature. users will notice the search with the more prominent search bar on the site and will allow users to answer questions of people, photos, places, and interests in their network. >> it is 6:25. we will have complete coverage of the crash of asiana flight 214 at 6:30 and show you more of the video released by the ntsb
and the questions surrounding the pilot's experience. >> we are learning more of the bravery of the flight attendants on board the plane. i am cornell bernard, telling you exactly what was going on the seconds after the plane crashed. >> off to a great disaster in san francisco as we look at our high definition. sunshine is breaking out in some areas and warmer weather is on the way. >> in the traffic center, a look from the bay bridge toll plaza the metering lights are on and track is coming from the maze into san francisco with details on how long it will take and other crashes comi
>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news, on monday, july 8. this is the burned out hulk of asiana flight 214777 that crashed on saturday. >> we will have a lot more crash coverage with new information coming up but right now we will turn our attention to this, a gray cloudy start. >> most of us are gray this morning. the east bay valley is the only area not reporting clouds. we have flight arrival delays at
sfo, an hour and 40 minutes. today we will breakdown our day planner for 12 hours: clouds and 56. a mild start. sunny by noon and hanging around 70. and mid-to-upper 70's and close to acknowledge by 4:00. clouds will spill into san francisco by 4:00. the next 12 hours the day planner is most of the clouds in the north bay and mid-to-upper 50's. 88 degrees is where it will be warm especially in the east bay valley and low 80's in the north bay valley. as far as the day planner, next 12 hours, limited sunshine from noon to 4:00. up to about 60 by the afternoon hours. we will check the morning court my with leyla gulen. >> good morning, mike, evident that the holiday weekend is over and we have plenty congestion out there but i will get to the report of a brush tire at southbound 680 or a grass fire at sunol boulevard and it is off the freeway so it is not blocking any lanes and smoke is in the area and that could
hamper your visibility with slow conditions in the southbound direction. in fremont, both 680 and 880 moving along at top speed and 101 to 280 is looking good, northbound 101 on nimitz and the mass transit, there is a detour of the 14 line because of police activity around 21st street and 23rd avenue. the drive from petaluma to central san rafael is 31 minutes so traffic is building. >> the latest on the crash of asiana flight 214 at san francisco international airport. these are new pictures we got of the two chinese girls who died in the crash. we have also gotten new video from the ntsb and a new focus in the investigation: pilot error.
abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield is breakdown everything we know. amy? athe ntsb chairwoman is here at the airport this morning and says she and the investigators hope to talk to the pilot and co-pilot today. the airline has said the pilot who was flying when the plane crashed on saturday was in training to fly the boeing 777 and it was his ninth time to fly this type of plane. investigators have jump released this video focusing on the wreckage on the runway. they say they plan to document all the parts they fine on the runway at sfo. >> looking at the interior of the aircraft over 300 seats we want do see how they performed, we have a lot of work to today and we will corner to move forward with that. we will try to corroborate the cockpit record with all the
other information we are gathering. >> the ntsb got good information from the cockpit voice recorder and the flight data recorder saying they heard what happened in the final seconds before the crash and investigators say the plane was coming in low and slow, so slow it almost stalled. the two pilots wanted to abort the landing but it was too late. now they want to interview the pilots and exam be the training they received and how they communicate with each other hoping to talk to them some time today. >> while the ntsb determines the cause of the crash, asiana flight 214 is quick to defend the pilot who was landing the boeing 777 at a news conference the president of asiana airlines said and i quote, "all responsibility lies in the trainer co-pilot, not the train ee pilot, adding they were both experienced and following
proper international procedures for training on the new aircraft. >> we have new information of the battle to get survivors off the burning asiana jet and save the flight crew members who were pinned by the safety devices. abc7 news report has coverage. >> the evacuation started badly, the wreckage is off the runway at sfo still as the investigation continues. this is a picture of flight attendant who was the last person off of the plane and suffered a broken tail boat but managed to evacuate dozens of passengers as the cabin spilled with toxic smoke and flames and says two of her fellow flight attendants were pinned under the evacuation slide when it opened inside of the plane and malfunctioned. they had to be rescued. the bravery of passengers like
eugene is pretty amazing. he helped others to escape and took photos of the aftermath saying flight attendants were heroes the. >> she was crying but helping big men fight with her and try to get a man out of the plane and helping other people and the crew. she was amazing. >> the flight attendant goes on to say that one of her colleagues put a scare little boat on her back and jumped down the we chute and ran away from the aircraft. she says that she does not consider herself a hero. she has been flying for 40 years and was just doing what she was trained to do. >> this morning, the ntsb is appealing for anyone who shot video of the plane as it went down to contact the authorities. several people captured dramatic video of the crash including
some watching planes take off and land at sfo. >> oh my god. oh my god. oh my god. >> fred hayes was taking vick i don't of the approach when he saw it hit the seawall before resting in a cloud of dust and smoke. >> i thought he was going to fake off and go up and he kept going down and down and i thought, okay, he was too high and then, the shock, of course, of seeing the accident and hearing the noise. >> hayes hopes they can learn something from this video that helps them figure out what went wrong. >> of the 182 victims taken to a dozen bay area hospitals only a handful of still in critical condition. san francisco general reports six patients still if critical condition including a child.
stanford has two patients in critical condition. last night all minors were released from hospitals. some who remain hospitalized this morning are in pretty bad shape. the chief of surgery at san francisco general says those most seriously hurt were in the back of the plane that hit the ground first. >> we will continue our coverage of the crash with the delay that some passengers are experiencing two daze after the crash. >> first, today is the day that statute lay marines will find identity whether the new bay bridge over labor day weekend. a look at downtown san francisco you can see it is cloudy and gray and we will get weather
>> we are back at 6:40. check out the sunshine. this is the area, the east bay valley, that see the lack of clouds this morning. it is an area that is below average, livermore, about three degrees cooler than average and same for napa. the temperatures are just about average. mid-to-upper 90's around sacramento and chico and 104 in fresno. 83 in tahoe and 83 in los angeles and 114 in palm springs.
morning commute after a holiday? >> busy. the drive time from dublin/pleasanton is an hour and 680 southbound and pleasanton is 14 minutes to 82, slow because of a grass fire on the freeway. 101 southbound from san francisco to sfo, 12 minutes gets you through. outside to sky 7, this is the bay bridge toll plaza looking busy indeed. you can see all the cars bumping up moving through the tolls and to the bridge but it is at least 15 minutes headed away from the maze and to the toll plaza but it eases up beyond treasure island. we could learn today if the new span of the bay bridge will open labor day weekend or be delayed. the committee is scheduled to brief lawmakers in sacramento this morning about the investigation into why 32 safety
bolts cracked after being tightened in march. the committee report will indicate how long officials believe it will take to install a fix for the break be bolts. a contractor working on the bolts can not guarantees the fix will be done in time for september 3 opening. >> bart is running today, the first full weekday since workers ended a 4 1/2 day strategic but the threat that the union could walk off again remains. bart management and workers have until august 4 to figure out a deal. employees are working under the old contract. we dot word from the union they will meet with the mediator over the next four days but will only negotiate face to face on friday. >> trading is underway on wall street and investors are watching airline stocks. >> the dow is up 61 points and we go to jane king at the new
york stock exchange. >> first, back at sfo with the delays some passengers are still facing as a result of the
covering walnut creek, burlingame, campbell and all bay area this is abc7 news. >> three of the four runways at sfo are open this morning following saturday's crash of asiana flight 214. >> the passengers are still
experiencing delays. abc7 news reporter continues coverage from sfo. matt? >> more and more are arriving at international terminal for the first work day commute sin the crash on saturday. it is getting busy inside with more airline counters opening. from the past 20 minutes, united opened at 6:00 a.m. and yesterday it was the busiest counter with hundreds waiting. a family headed to canada and had the flight cancel asked showed up in a good mood. >> lot of busy signals waiting for an hour on hold. we are just happy to be going. it is god. >> not everyone was so laid back but this is frustrating. the jetblue passengers showed up last night for 11:30 flight that was delayed until 2:10 that was then canceled and
in line until 6:00 a.m. and one said they will leave before midnight tomorrow and another is booked for 3:30 flight wednesday afternoon put up in hotels by the airline. i checked the delight board to see how flights are going this morning and for the departures all flights were on time but for a few who had times changed today. there are zero cancellations. that is good news for people reporting here this morning. >> the ntsb is looking into reports that one of the crash victims may have been run over by a fire truck on the tarmac. the ntsb hopes interviews with first responders will determine what happened. the chronicle reports that the fire chief is saying the truck was racing to the scene and the girl was struck the it is not clear if she died from injuries suffered in a plane crash or being hit by the truck. the coroner tells the paper the victim's injuries are consistent
with being run over by a vehicle. autopsy results have not been released. >> reporting on the crash at sfo continues right now on twitter@abcnewsbayarea with photos at released by the ntsb. >> and business news is related to the crash of asiana flight 214 impacting wall street. >> we go to the new york stock exchange with more from jane king. >> good morning, the airline stock, of course, after the crash, involving the boeing 777. asiana shares tumbled 6 percent overnight on concerns of costs associated with the crash and potential impact on future ticket sales. as for boeing shares, though, they are a little bit lower, down about .4 percent reflecting
the current focus on the speed of the plain, the pilot and whether the airplane was functioning, so not too much discussion centering on boeing early in the investigation. we will continue to watch it. stocks overall, it is positive if a start all in the green. we are carrying through the gains we saw on friday. the silicon valley index is also trading lower. where do you spend your money? a survey by the national retail federation says wal-mart did more than $300 million in sales more than any other in the nation and amazon had big on-line retailers in the top 100 lists and get ready to pay extra for using the bank mobile app, with regents rolling out a mobile banking app with $5 for customers needing access funds
deposited digitally and another is causing 50 cent for mobile deposits. >> at first i thought it was not so cloudy as yesterday and now i am changing my mind. >> the clouds have been building. the east bay valley is still showing flight arrivals in sfo so check out the flight tracker. the radar and satellite, showing the cloud cover is noting for with most of the visibility eight miles and up to ten miles considered unlimited. the wound -- one hour and 38 minute flight delays will take a while to bounce back. we will have sunny afternoon and temperatures are climbing to near seasonal averages and that will be the warmest day tomorrow and then we have a cooling trend for the weekend and into the early part of the weekend. the east bay and the south bay light arriving clouds and the east bay never getting them and
by 11:00, a few open spots in the cloud deck along the coast where the peoples are in the 50's and 60's and 70's and 80's for the rest us and in the south bay we have 78 and low-to-mid 80's elsewhere, and 83 in san jose, and millbrae is the cool spot on the peninsula. toward the south bay at 80 degrees and 62 at half moon bay, the warm spot along the coast and 58 in daly city and on the bay side, more sunshine and 67 this downtown and 72 in south san francisco. sausalito is 70 and 78 to 82 degrees through the north bay valley and temperatures about 20 degrees cooler at your beaches. we will go from 72 in richmond to 74 in oakland can new york to 78 in fremont along east bay shore. the warm weather is mid-to-upper 80's in the east bay develop. if you are headed to at&t park, dress as you normally would for
summer baseball at 62 degrees at 7:15, increasing clouds and breezy and 58 degrees by the end of the game and overnight the temperatures are back in the 50's and cloud cover will not be so extensive. high pressure is holding off another day with temperatures jumping one to four degrees and the cooling starts at the coast and around the bay on wednesday and moves inland by thursday and five- to ten-degrees cooler by then and we stay below average friday and start with clouds giving way to afternoon sunshine and the temperatures warm back to average. leyla gulen? >> thanks, mike, a gray start to the day with plenty of congestion despite the fact that bart is in service and everyone is back to work after the long holiday weekend. we have this, now a sig-alert northbound 101 all due do a big rig jackknifed and right now c.h.p. is having to off load 66,000 pounds of cargo and moving that.
in the east bay we have a fire out here, southbound 680, that is causing major delays if you are coming away from 580 so very slow and a.c. transit bus 14 is being detoured in oakland due to police activity at 23rd avenue and 21st street. everything else is on time. this is figures showing the traffic very slow with the stretch between the maze to san francisco the central freeway is about 20-minute ride. >> ahead, seven things to know before you go.
>> good morning, everyone, a look inside the wreckage of asiana flight 214 that crashed on saturday. you can see the investigators,
the ntsb, looking at that. elsewhere, they are trying to put together what happened. >> number two, stories of survival and courage coming from the crash. eugene of millbrae escaped to safe on the left the he took many photos showing flight attendants tending to the we passengers. three, new picture from the two chinese girls who died in the flight. the ntsb is looking into one of the girls could have been run over by a rescue vehicle on the tarmac. >> four, in oakland, a dozen police vehicles were on the scene on east 21st street near 23rd avenue. no word why bliss are responding to that area. >> five, bart trains are running, the first full weekday since union workers ended a 4 1/2 day strike. worker could walk off again if they do not hammer out a new contract by august 4 deadline. >> six, cloudy and cool in san
francisco and temperatures are from 53 to 56 degrees and most of us in the fists but palo alto is the warm spot at 60 degrees. san jose shows a few bits of sunshine breaking through the cloud deck and 78 to 80 inland and 80 in the south bay and upper 50's to mid-60's at the coast. >> seven, the toll trillion -- bay bridge toll plaza is bumper to bumper traffic to emeryville and the maze. in san jose we have a sig-alert northbound 101 involving a jackknifed big rig causing major delays and the fires cleared southbound 680 at 38 miles per hour the top speed from 580. >> thank you for jointing us. morning news continues now online, on twitter, facebook and all mobile devices.
good morning, america. breaking, new details on the crash landing in san francisco. the jaw-dropping first images from inside the plane. these black boxes intact and analyzed as we learn this morning that this was the pilot's first time landing a 777 at this airport. was inexperience a factor? we have answers from the investigators and david muir is up close with a survivor for our special coverage this morning. and we are now learning of another plane accident overnight in alaska. this air taxi burst into flames at takeoff killing ten. images just coming in. also breaking, teresa heinz kerry, the wife of the secretary of state, in critical condition at this hour rushed to a boston hospital from nantucket. and murray mania. the world goes wild for the